Rebalance Your Spirit, Cleanse & Protect Your Environment

White Sage is a purifying herb that helps drive out negitive energy and influences and ward off bad luck.

  • Burning White Sage has been known to reduce inflammation,bacteria, and to improve quality of sleep and cognitive function as well as many other benefits.

Palo Santo is used to purify, heal, inspire creativity and protect your spirit from negativity.

  • Burning Palo Santo also has been known to help with depression, minor cold symptoms, asthma, anxiety and headaches.

Abalone was food for many Native people around the world and beautiful shell used for bartering and to hold smudging sticks and food.

  • Your beautiful Abalone will measure about 4.5-inches and up to 6-inches.
  • Each shell is natural and may vary in size, shape and appearance, as many natural creations will.

Turkey Feather is used to gently fan and spread the smoke rising from the smudging process.

Selenite is a conduit to the highest level of conscious and all that is infinite – spirit guides, the universe, and intuition. It brings the spirit world to earth and reminds us where we come from, and where we are going after this life. Meditating on a desired outcome and carrying the stone with you can help to bring great healing and inner peace.

Smudging Kit