• High quality Peru palo santo sticks used by Peruvian shamans in spiritual rituals and often regarded as a “holy wood”, the palo santo incense sticks have a long tradition in energy clearing, meditation, healing and relaxation. Keeping quality and tradition in mind, Maxwell’s Mystic Matches brings you real and original Peruvian palo santo sticks, which are eco-friendly and sustainably harvested in Peru.
  • Stress, bad energy, and vibes, anxiety.. sounds familiar? Just one afternoon with the scent refreshed air and aura from the palo santo incense sticks and you will feel a whole new level of relaxation and energy clearing. A therapeutic wonder, when literally translated, Palo Santo means “holy wood”, meaning you can use it for meditation, spiritual healing, praying sessions and religious rituals too.
  • Strike the match to the box and will light. You may need to re-light smudge stick with a lighter and allow it to burn for 5-10 seconds if it goes out after a bit. We specifically refined the palo santo sticks with high resin for longer & more potent Palo Santo wood smell after lighting. Take and spread the energy clearing dim in the area of your choice or leave it on a holder and delight your senses in the rich and soul cleansing scent.
  • Make sure to be careful the wood is out before you walk away-use responsibly.
  • Comes with 18-20 sticks.

Peruvian “Holy Wood” Large Palo Santo Wood Sticks