• There's power in a wish. This kit features the OM symbol in Devanagari - the traditional mantra for meditation. Flying Wish Paper presents this Golden Om design as a spiritual tool for mediation and affirmation. Tranquil teals and rich metallic gold, with red Flying Wish Paper to represent energy, intensity, and life 'in the now.'
  • A precious pack of Flying Wish Paper that's hard to resist. At 5" square, Mini Kits are smaller than the original Wishing Kits but easily just as fun.
  • Mini Kit Contents include: 15 sheets of Wish Paper - in RED, 5 Wish Platforms - tranquil teals and gold, featuring the Om symbol in the center - just like the package, (Each Wish Platform can be used three times), Pencil – 1 little pencil in gold, Instructions – easy details and photos
  • Write your wish on the Flying Wish Paper, light it, and watch your wish burn down then dramatically fly into the sky.
  • Everything you need to make 15 wishes, matches not included.

Flying Wish Paper Golden Om (Small)