• Kit Contains:

    +Roll On Protection Oil

    +Incense Burner

    +Special Incense Blend


    +Bio-degradable Bamboo Tray


    Protecting and cleansing yourself are one and the same. When you open yourself up to the realms, just like on the earthly plane, you want boundaries. We can't open the heart- which is what we are doing when we connect to anything spiritual- until we cleanse energy that we pick up from all those around us. We can then seal that with protection which is spiritual boundaries. Would you leave your door open to your home?


    This is what I use: My favorite incense blend handmade by ChickyMoo (an all in one cleansing, protection and “lift” for an extra kick). Roll On Protection Oil (the oil is the properties and stones I connect with and love). I swipe on my wrists, forward and back of the neck. Make this your own. Do what calls to you, use what calls to you. I just share what I've learned thus far.


    Thank you for letting me do what I love and am called to do. I hope it helps you too. Follow yourself, follow no one Listen to your inner voice.

    Always in the light,

    Adela Lavine


    Special Note: Please make sure to put everything out when you are done. The burner becomes very hot, do not touch it before it cools down. Also, do not leave anything burning and leave the room and make sure you have a well ventilated room. 

    Adela’s Spiritual Protection & Lift Kit