How long does it take to ship?

Every order is made a the time of the order. All of the candles are handpoured and everything is handmade. Our ship times are 1-3 days after we get the order. If it is going to be later, we will let you know. We will also send you tracking at the time of shipping so you can see when your package will arrive and follow it's progress!


All of our products are natural. We try really hard to re-use and create products you can re-use. We also try to use recycled paper, and packaging. The quality control is top notch! :)

Cusom Orders?

If you would like anything tweaked or custom made, please reach out! Because everything is handmade, we can usually make adjustments with no extra charge!

Fragrances, Essential Oils

All of chicky moo candle fragrances are “clean scents” free from any toxins. All of the essential oils which are used in the soaps, room sprays, and roll ons are organic. All of chickymoo ingredience are carefully sourced and everything is handmade. 99.9% by chicky moo. The only thing not handmade are the pillows and bells which are handmade in India.