Protecting and cleansing yourself are one and the same. When you open yourself up to the realms, just like on the earthly plane, you want boundaries. We can't open the heart- which is what we are doing when we connect to anything spiritual- until we cleanse energy that we pick up from all those around us. We can then seal that with protection which is spiritual boundaries. Would you leave your door open to your home?


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A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR OUR ESSENTIAL WORKERS!! I have been donating masks and will continue to do so!  Over 910 masks donated so far. Please reach out if you are in need.

If you or someone else is experiencing a crisis or are in danger, please contact a healthcare professional for immediate assistance.  


Nothing on this site is meant to be a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or care from your Doctor. Any of the apothecary items do not take the place of prescribed medication or interfere with a Doctor’s treatment. PLEASE DO NOT INJECT or INGEST THE SANITIZER SPRAY!! 😩

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